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Tireside Chat: The Trans-American Electric Bike Tour

Boris Mordkovich and Anna Mostovetsky from the Trans-American Electric Bike Tour to speak at the Hall of Fame June 19th at 5:30pm.

The Trans-American Electric Bike Tour is a coast-to-coast bicycle tour whose objective is to spread awareness about hybrid electric bicycles. On April 7, two cyclists will depart from New York to travel 4,000 miles to San Francisco, riding electric bicycles provided by a NYC-based company – EVELO (

The cyclists will average 80 miles per day and the entire distance will be accomplished with less than $20 of electricity (an equivalent of 1,000 MPG). Along the way, the riding team will make stops in approximately 15 cities to provide demonstrations of the bikes and host discussions about the benefits of electric bikes.

Electric bicycles offer a new way for people to commute and get around town on bicycles, regardless of the terrain, age or fitness levels. To learn more and follow the progress of the tour, visit

During the talk they will be focusing on topics such as:

  • Why electric bikes are so important to the overall mix of urban alternative transportation.
  • How can electric bikes complement and support existing transit options in cities.
  • If the electric bikes are hugely popular in Asia and Europe for transportation, why the U.S. is lagging behind.
  • Myths and misconceptions about electric bikes and electric transportation.
  • What it's like to travel 4,000 miles on electric bikes.

Boris Mordkovich is an avid cyclist and a serial entrepreneur specializing in technology and alternative transportation. With EVELO (, an electric bicycle company based out of New York, he plans to make cycling more accessible and to get more people cycling more often.

Anna Mostovetsky is an environmental scientist who loves the outdoors, as well being a seasoned bicycle enthusiast.


The USBHOF will open at 5PM on June 19.  Free Admission.

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